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Stand Up to Trauma - Brand Empathy (CPTSD recovery)
Episode 828th April 2024 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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Meet Kat Kennan who is recovering and doing well with CPSTD. Kat was sexually abused at a very young age and took abuse from her brother while growing up. She is a passionate advocate for trauma survivors, leading her to establish the PTS/C-PTS advocacy organization, “Stand Up to Trauma”. Through this organization, she enables others to heal and thrive beyond their traumatic experiences.

Come join us as we talk about how her company teaches “Brand Empathy”. We also talk about “Cancel Culture”, CPTSD/PTSD, and of course the recovery from CPTSD.

On a Personal Note,

Turns out the Raspy voice I’ve had over the last year or so was an issue with my vocal cords, especially on the left side. I hope to be back by the last quarter.

I have several great episodes coming up, don’t miss it. Podchaser has 100 but Apple says 5 more which will be there by October 23rd 2024. Also a two part episode of “best of” with OTR bloopers. I want to thank the guests and all of you which is what the show is about. Bob

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