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Top Gun (1986)
Episode 4427th May 2022 • Sequel Pitch • Sequel Pitch Podcast
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The meeting of minds is back! This week, special guest Kat Hughes joins the squadron, while the gang review and pitch sequels for the 1986 Action/Romance/Propaganda/Recruitment movie that is, TOP GUN, directed by the late, great Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer, just ahead of Top Gun Maverick!

Expect to be stuck in the danger zone, because we're writing cheques our bodies can't cash, and we're Mavericks etc etc, you get the jist

Kat Hughes

I have been writing about movies for the last eight years, mainly writing for the entertainment website THN. Although happy to cover a range of projects and genres my heart lies with the horror genre, with FrightFest being a highlight of her calendar year. Growing up film was an integral part of my life, and as a child, I watched Labyrinth, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Aliens on repeat. This passion for movies led me to study Media Production at The University of Lincoln where I produced several short films on very limited student budgets. My career has seen me transition from Blockbusters and Cineworld, to time working for both Lionsgate and eOne. Having had a child in 2018, I am now committed to focusing on writing full-time.

@GizmoShikari on Twitter

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