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Harriet Bowyer: Exploring high tech analytical science
Episode 117th September 2021 • ReMake Manufacturing • Sean Redfearn
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Harriet Bowyer, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science. She is part of the global marketing team, focused on their established and newer product lines. 

Hitachi’s products serve a diverse array of industries including electronics and metal finishing, battery development, polymers research and quality control, petrochem, mining and food.

Harriet is also a triathlete, competing in the GB Age Group team at Middle Distance Triathlon.

We talked about:

  1. What Hitachi is doing to drive global sustainability
  2. How the company strategically markets to a technical audience
  3. The most pressing challenges the industry is facing today
  4. How Hitachi overcomes regional and cultural challenges
  5. The process of injecting emotion into a rational buying decision