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The Economics of Creativity with David Nichols, CEO and Co-Founder of Loupe
Episode 9912th July 2022 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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If you’re in the manufacturing industry or just an avid social media user, then you’ve probably come across Loupe and some of the amazing feats they’ve been pulling off. Loupe is a Portland, Oregon-based jack-of-all-trades automation outfit that’s responsible for some amazing unboxing videos and viral videos of their robotic dog Spot from Boston Dynamics. They are definitely a group that’s dialed into the art of social media for manufacturing.

With a mission as unique as revolutionizing the automation industry, and a desire to bring out-of-the-box thinking into the field, David Nichols, CEO and Co-Founder of Loupe, joins this episode to tell us a few things about the “economics of creativity.”

We hear Loupe’s origin story and how changing the name from Automation Resources Group to Loupe did wonders for their brand. David also takes us behind the scenes to where some of the magic happens ─ Loupe’s robot showroom, and explains why creativity, and not just operational thinking, belongs in the automation industry.

In this episode, find out:

  • The mission of David’s website
  • What Loupe does
  • How David got into robotics and engineering
  • How Loupe started
  • Why they changed their name from Automation Resources Group to Loupe
  • How the brand name Loupe has benefited the company
  • Who Loupe builds robots for
  • What the economics of creativity entails
  • Why most companies don’t adopt the economics of creativity approach
  • Why creativity should be part of the automation industry
  • David’s insights into Loupe’s social media strategy and unconventional projects

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There should be clarity surrounding what a brand is about.”
  • “You learn a whole lot by simply doing and experimenting.”
  • “Sometimes when you do new things, it’s a hit and miss but other times it ends up unlocking tremendous value.”

Links & mentions:

  • Loupe, a Portland Oregon based jack of all trades automation outfit
  • Lardo, a sandwich shop that worships at the altar of bovine & swine

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