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The Church Series Season 2: Part 6: Interview with Peter Bell
31st January 2022 • Bible Theory Podcast • The Chicano Knox
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In this part of the Church Series, I take a pit stop to see what is happening back in my old hood of Santa Ana, California #714. I grew up there in my teens and was raised there- in the hood mostly. I talk to the future Pastor but current leader Peter Bell who is currently wrapping up seminary and getting ordained as an official pastor in the United Reformed Church aka URC. Peter is a Co-host of the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude Podcast, a reformed podcast that is totally awesome. Peter is currently working to plant a URC church plant in Santa Ana and will open later in 2022 Lord willing. He joins me today to give us an update and a report on his ordination, we talk about the catechism, we talk about how not properly using the catechisms is actually not helping churches. We also talk a little bit about how the triple G podcast got started? So please be encouraged that the reformed faith is making moves into the hood in Santa Ana in which 81% of the demographics are Hispanics and where the bible is not being taught faithfully. The hood needs Jesus too, and Santa Ana especially! Amen. God's Kingdom is on the move in #714.  Please share & follow the links below-  Follow & Subscribe to Bibletheory -Here- Follow & Subscribe to Guilt Grace Gratitude -Here- Follow the Chicano Konx -Here- Follow Guilt Grace Gratitude -Here- Get updates about Santa Ana Reformed -Here-




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