Modern Slavery, Business and Remedy with Dr Fiona McGaughey
28th June 2024 • LawPod • Queen's University - School of Law
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In this episode, we welcome Dr Fiona McGaughey from the University of Western Australia to discuss business and human rights and the 2018 Modern Slavery Act in Australia.
Joined by Dr. Ciarán O'Kelly and Dr. Ciara Hackett, Dr McGaughey shares her journey into business and human rights research. The conversation delves into the evolution of business responsibilities toward human rights, the role of modern slavery legislation, and the importance of integrating human rights due diligence in business practices. They also explore the effectiveness of reporting laws, the role of SMEs, and the emerging significance of environmental considerations. Additionally, the discussion touches on the complexities of remedy for victims of corporate human rights abuses and the broader implications for climate change and community engagement.



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