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Ep 1: Daily Encouragement- A Little Spark of Faith and a Desire to Lift Others Up
Episode 117th December 2021 • Spark of Faith • Kristin Fitch
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On today's episode, host Kristin Fitch shares with you why she created the show, a little bit about herself and who the show is for and not for. Kristin shares her desire to uplift others with encouraging messages, stories, conversations with everday folks, pastors, authors and more as well as bite-sized scripture.

Spark of Faith podcast brings bite-sized daily episodes to you to lift you up, encourage you with inspiring words and stories, and scripture so we can reset, and step into the day feeling a little lighter and a lot more hopeful. We will also welcome guests to come on share their stories and ideas around faith, love, gathering, fellowship, adventure and ministry with us.

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