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Ep. 36 "All about creating win-win situations" (Guest: Alex Tofalides of Inspion Sports)
Episode 3631st March 2021 • There’s No ‘I’ in Podcast • Mark Johnson & Sean Gallagher
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This week Sean and Mark join Alex Tofalides, international fencer and founder of Inspion Sports, to discuss taking a sport from the elite level right back to grassroots and working across all levels.  They talk about how 100% preparation applies as a rule no matter what level you are at, and how goals that you set should be based on things you can control.

The talk about the dynamic of fencing on a team, where you face an opponent on your own but have your team behind you, and the positive impact on Alex of his Team GB coach and fencing legend Ziemek Wojciechowski (

In the episode they reference Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and Bounce by Matthew Syed and the work of sports psychologist Katie Warriner.

You can find out more about Inspion Sports here and follow them on Instagram @InspionSports.

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