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Spotlight Sunday - The Ghost Biker- Harleys, Haunted and Historic
Episode 19610th July 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode, we introduce our new monthly segment: Spotlight Sunday - Where this Sunday we revisit The Ghost Biker - Miranda Young she is a ghost hunter and history buff who travels to historic, haunted locations with an all-female crew, investigating the paranormal and supernatural and ties in the historic value behind each of the locations. Hope you enjoy this episode that originally aired October 27, 2021 as episode 123.

Have always wanted to know whether or not ghost are real? How about those old folklore stories… Is there any truth to them? What about the mystery of the haunted house down the road … how did it become haunted? and of course….Why are the ghost still there? In This Episode we have a conversation with Miranda Young, creator and star of the hit web series Ghost Biker Explorations, who is going to answer these questions and more …

My guest in this episode is the, creator and star of the hit web series Ghost Biker Explorations, is an experienced paranormal investigator, who has turned her passion for photography, history, URBEX, and motorcycles into a unique and popular show that highlights history, legends, mysteries and the unexplained, she is known as “The Ghost Biker”. How to Find Miranda and Join in on her Show visit:

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