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Grow Your Brand. Grow Your Business.
11th May 2023 • Marketing 4 Business • Scott Wilson
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Grow Your Brand. Grow Your Business.

In this episode, Scott interviews branding expert Amanda van Kuppevelt about her intriguing journey from Scuba Diving instructor to Branding Expert and Business Growth Advocate.

Here are some key takeaways:

* Sharks In The Water – Amanda shares her teenage experiences as a scuba diver and how they taught her valuable life lessons about people, control, and dealing with fear.

* Brand Power – Discover Amanda’s journey in the branding world and how branding can help you grow your business in 2023.

* Become The Teacher – How Amanda discovered the benefits of teaching others and how it can help you learn more about your craft.

* The Power of Story Telling – Discover the power of storytelling in business and the importance of visual frameworks for business owners and entrepreneurs.

* AI & You – Scott & Amanda discuss the impact of AI and the importance of human connection in a technologically driven world

* LinkedIn Leverage – Amanda shares how to leverage LinkedIn for business connections and personal growth.

* Message, Market, Match – Learn how changing the focus of website copy from the business to the audience can significantly impact your sales.

* Mindset and Momentum – Scott and Amanda share why having a growth-focused mindset in business success is a must today and how knowing who you really are can shape your journey!

* Staying Sharp – How Amanda stays focused, inspired and ready to help clients win with their branding and marketing. Plus, the three books and podcasts she recommends to business owners.

* Amanda Famous Five Tips – Amanda shares her top branding and marketing tips to help business owners win despite the recession.

* And so much more.

Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn here and via her website here.

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