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How to Plan for a Sabbatical, Enjoy It, and Make a Successful Comeback (Ep 131)
Episode 13125th April 2022 • The Job Hunting Podcast • Renata Bernarde
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I’ve been thinking of doing an episode about sabbatical for a long time. I tried inviting guests, but no one felt comfortable coming out publicly to talk about their experience. This made me even more interested in the whole concept of what these professionals were calling a sabbatical, what it actually was, and why it's still a taboo to take time off from a long career to do whatever else one wants to do or just recover from being laid off and burned out.

Then, last month LinkedIn changed its profile settings recently to allow professionals to identify a career break during their work experience. And in the past couple of weeks, a few prominent Australians quit their jobs. They informed that they were resigning and planning to go on a career break: The Premier of Tasmania, the CEO of the Australian Football League. And last week, a former guest of The Job Hunting Podcast and the CEO of Koko Black, Nicolas Georges. In his announcement, Peter Gutwein, former Premier of Tasmania, said that there was "nothing left in the tank."

Their message was clear: The past couple of years have taken a toll. Undoubtedly, more professionals are feeling burned out and dreaming about taking a break. So, how can we plan and enjoy a proper sabbatical and still make a triumphant return to work?

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