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Killing speed with Julian Kwong
Episode 21st August 2021 • Wham Bam Tram • TRANSIT JAM
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There's tragically thousands of deaths and injuries on Hong Kong's roads: pedestrians make up almost a third of deaths and very serious life changing injuries.

Julian Kwong is a road design expert who advises the UN and the World Health Organisation on road safety. He's been a long time campaigner in Hong Kong calling for lower speed limits and better road design which could cut the death toll and make our streets safer.

We chat with Julian about his proposals for a 30kph zone, driver behaviour, geofencing, technology and how new roads around kai Tak are destined to become racetracks.

1:02 Interview start | 1:16 30 kph campaign | 2:33 Driver behaviour | 4:00 Elderly pedestrians | 4:54 Feeling of speed | 7:01 50 kph history | 8:51 Political inaction | 10:17 Car-oriented roads & Kai Tak | 11:55 Railings | 15:30 Technology | 21:59 Jaywalking | 24:09 Sham Shui Po pilot zone | 27:46 Stop-start speeding | 30:09 Shifting PR