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Scalar Light and Our Connection to Weather Patterns with Tom Paladino
Episode 13028th November 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda talk with Tom Paladino again about Scalar Light Healing. You can listen to Tom's other interviews in episodes #73, #78, #90, #103 and #117. In this episode, we discuss what Scalar Light Healing is and what the potential benefits are for healing and manifesting.

We discuss:

Scalar Light as Ball Lightning or Plasma Ball

Scalar Energy is released during powerful earthquakes resulting in creating water

During tornadoes, scalar light field is created that changes the physical rigidness of matter. During powerful tornadoes, a scalar light force field is created that changes the physical rigidity of matter.  In so doing, physical matter losses its molecular bonds and becomes non-physical or Spirit-like. And what this mean for humans and our potential to become less matter and more energy to create and heal.

Scalar energy can be harnessed as free and clean energy to address the energy crisis to serve to provide power for the world.


Tom Paladino is on a personal mission to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health & enhance their quality of life. Scalar Energy (or Scalar Light) works with the Quantum Field (the consciousness of the Universe) to activate the body's own innate healing ability. Tom's technology works through a person's photograph and has the power to break down the molecular bonds of over 400,000 pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and much more in the body. He has programs for anti-aging, hormones & nutrition (to name a few), and Scalar Energy also helps with balancing chakras, removing toxins, deepening spirituality, improving cognitive function & overall wellbeing. Scalar Energy also works for pets, animals & plants.

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