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Ep 66: What New Vet Techs Need in a New Workplace, with Elycia Degenhardt
Episode 6618th January 2023 • The Veterinary Leadership Success Show • By Dr Dave Nicol
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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. In this episode, our host Brendan Howard is joined by Elycia Degenhardt to discuss veterinary education and how best practices can enhance learning and development amongst their employees.

Elycia Degenhardt is a certified veterinary technician who joined the veterinary profession after working as a high school teacher for four years. Currently working as a technician at a general practice and as an instructor in the Veterinary Technician program at Madison College, Elycia remains passionate about using her platform to educate. 

In this episode, Elycia shares her experience as a teacher and as a veterinary practitioner. She talks about the need for continuous learning and development among veterinary employees. Elycia also shares strategies students can use to enhance their learning process while in college. 

Podcast Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro.
  • [01:25] Elycia shares her background in education.
  • [02:20] Elycia talks about how she ended up with a veterinary career.
  • [02:50] How typical is a second career as a veterinary technician?
  • [04:40] Elycia talks about her experience teaching students of different age groups and previous work experience.
  • [05:50] Elycia speaks about her perception of veterinary work when she was a student and now as a practitioner.
  • [09:09] Elycia talks about how she used learning strategies through her veterinary program.
  • [11:40] Ad break- Our veterinary leadership program
  • [13:52] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Elycia to talk about the difficulty students encounter to transition from other careers to the veterinary field.
  • [16:58] What are some of the things you have learnt that work best for the student?
  • [22:19] Elycia talks about transparency in veterinary clinics.
  • [24:10] Brendan and Elycia discuss barriers to effective education in veterinary clinics.
  • [28:01] Elycia talks about airing out ideas in clinics- either top-down or down-top.
  • [29:25] The episode wraps up.
  • [30:11] The episode concludes.