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Episode 36 | ROUNDTABLE: Marketing in The New Era Of Business with Justin Sturges, Andrea Shukis, Myrna Schommer, Michael Quinn
Episode 3619th October 2020 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Episode #36: Marketing In The New Era Of Business

In today’s episode we will be discussing “Marketing In The New Era Of Business” with four incredible small business marketers, who each have a unique perspective for us to consider. Join Justin Sturges, Andrea Shukis, Myrna Schommer, and Michael Quinn as we take a deep dive into this timely topic.

Here’s some background on the guests with us in roundtable today:

Justin Sturges - Essentially an artist, musician and storyteller, Justin's passion is in helping underdogs build amazing businesses through online marketing. He is an award-winning author and a Regional Director in the Duct Tape Marketing Network.His main business focus is in helping local service-based businesses to get considerable results from their online presence. In addition, he recently realized a dream and moved his business to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Andrea Shukis - As an MBA and a corporate marketing director, Andrea provided strategic marketing solutions to large tech companies for over 25 years. In 2017, she founded Vivant Marketing Group to pursue her long-time passion: bringing top-tier marketing to small businesses.Today, she helps building, remodeling and home services companies across the US to grow and ignite their businesses.

Myrna Schommer - Myrna Schommer is the founder of Artessa Marketing. For over 20 years, Myrna has directed complex turnkey projects and integrated marketing campaigns for a variety of verticals, organizations and industries – both on the agency and non-agency side. Today, she works with small business owners to find and fill gaps in their current marketing – developing step-by-step plans that take the guesswork out of copy and messaging and transforming marketing into a predictable and profitable growth system.

Michael Quinn - Michael is a search engine marketing specialist and SEO agency owner. He has seen first-hand the impact SEO can have on small businesses and has made it his mission to help transform small businesses using Google. He has a passion for simplifying complex SEO concepts for the average small business owner to understand which you can see on his blog at and on YouTube. He lives in Fargo, ND with his wife and two sons.

Listen in to our thought-provoking conversation as we discuss how small business marketing is shifting through the pandemic. We talked about marketing, what was working pre-Covid, what is working now, the mistakes business owners and brands are making and the things that these savvy marketers are doing to help their clients get better business results while also becoming a force for good in the world. This was such a lively and rich conversation, jam packed full of marketing insights that can give you more freedom, and actionable things you can do to stay authentic and resonant in these uncertain times. Yes, people are still marketing and selling in these uncertain times!!! (which means you can too if you follow the advice of our roundtable guests). A huge, heartfelt thank you to my guests!

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