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Simplifying Your Marketing with Amanda Warfield
Episode 2517th May 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Running a successful business doesn’t need to be complicated. And my next guest completely agrees. In this episode Amanda Warfield is sharing how marketing can be simple and how it can work! This episode covers so many amazing topics including batch working, goal setting, and how to set your marketing efforts on autopilot!

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

Amanda shares her experience with marketing and how a light-bulb moment forever changed the way she viewed her marketing efforts. Through overthinking and overcomplicating strategies in the past, Amanda now is a fan of simplistic marketing strategies and set up to get MEGA results in return!

  • What simplifying your marketing strategy looks like 
  • How to create around your revenue goals and not randomly
  • Batching marketing content to save time and create evergreen promotion
  • How your menstrual cycle drastically changes your output and productivity as as a business owner; how to use this to your advantage

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To connect with Amanda more you can visit her website at Or click the link right here to grab a copy of her book Chasing Simple Marketing

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