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Crafting Your Content Part 1 - Navigating PhORCAS
Episode 2222nd November 2021 • The Post-Graduate Pharmacist • Sean Smithgall & Taylor Steuber
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This week on the Post-Graduate Pharmacist we highlight what to look for when putting together your PhORCAS application.  We’ve done this multiple times ourselves and have written numerous reference applications through PhORCAS.  Get the necessary tips to succeed. 

This episode’s take-aways:

  1. Fill out AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in the Extracurricular section.  Do you need to put EVERYTHING from your CV?  YES, everything!!!  Some people prefer to look at this over your CV.  It’s also the first thing they see.
  2. Touch base with your reference writers to remind them they agreed to write you a reference.  Don’t have reference writers?? ASK NOW!
  3. After ASHP midyear OR as soon as you know the programs you are applying to, start sending those Reference requests.  You can either send separate requests for each program or a few generic titled requests.  Your reference writers can carry forward comments.  Check out the form they get HERE
  4. Get your CV reviewed and add in all  your done and future APPE’s
  5. Submit a request to your registrar office to submit your transcripts now, and then submit another request once fall grades are updated so that way you have a back-up.  You can submit applications without having transcript loaded and they will appear once they are in. 
  6. Try to submit ALL your applications at the EARLIEST deadline.  Sending them in as the individual program deadlines approach can cause mental errors and the possibility of missing a key deadline. 

What should you do now?  Get on and get familiar with the application site and how to navigate it.  Start filling out the Extracurricular section with all the things you’ve done. 

What should you do later? Piece this out over the next month and REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!

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