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Hinson says Biden, Harris haven’t been to the U.S. border. Is she right?
24th May 2021 • The Gazette Fact Checker • The Gazette
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U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson, a Marion Republican representing Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, has had several recent tweets about security at the U.S. border with Mexico.

A May 10 fundraising video on Twitter includes a half-dozen sound-bites from Hinson, all about border security. In one, Hinson says “Why haven’t you been to the border, President Biden? Why hasn’t Vice President Harris been to the border?”

Although Hinson represents a state not on the U.S. border, she said in the video montage she cares because of drugs coming from Mexico to Iowa.

“They’re (drug cartels) sending their dangerous drugs, fentanyl, up into states like mine, to Iowa,” she said.

The Fact Checker is checking whether President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have visited the U.S. border region since Biden came into office Jan. 20. We’ll also dig into whether there’s been an increase in drugs coming into the United States from Mexico in recent months. 

The Fact Checker team checks statements made by an Iowa political candidate/officeholder or a national candidate/officeholder about Iowa, or in ads that appear in our market.

Claims must be independently verifiable.

We give statements grades from A to F based on accuracy and context.

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This Fact Checker was researched and written by Erin Jordan of The Gazette. This episode is hosted by Erin Jordan and features The Gazette's Michaela Ramm, John Steppe, and Marissa Payne. The Fact Checker Podcast is produced by Stephen M. Colbert and the music is Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod.