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Defence in Depth: Strengthening your Cyber Security Strategy
Episode 1812th April 2023 • Razorwire Cyber Security • Razorthorn Security
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Welcome back to the show! In this episode of the Razorwire podcast, I have the pleasure of discussing defence in depth with Razorthorn’s own illustrious consultants, Jamie Hayward and Tom Mills. During our conversation, we talked about the increasing number of tools and solutions available, the perils of ‘reactive’ budget allocation, as well as the changes we’re seeing in the industry and within our clients’ requirements. 

We also highlighted the need for a holistic approach to defence in depth, the importance of cyber threat intelligence, and the growing requirement for continuous security assurance.

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • The importance of defence in depth for security and the need to layer multiple technologies, processes and people

  • The plethora of security tools and solutions available and the importance of balancing these with processes and people for effective security.

  • The disparity between investment in cyber security and the cost of cybercrime to the world's economy.

  • The need for a proactive approach to cyber security budgets and the real cost of cybercrime

  • The complexities and considerations of cyber warfare, including the lack of policies and procedures to protect international organisations and entities.

  • The requirement for continuous scanning and testing, and the importance of being aware of vulnerabilities and threats as they occur

  • The shift towards ongoing security assurance and the requirement for intelligence in frameworks such as ISO 27001, as well as the need for organisations to update and move with the times.

  • The role of threat intelligence as the first and last line of defence 

  • Updating the Defence in Depth model to include a bar of security assurance and intelligence that permeates through all layers

  • The issues surrounding supply chain security

Resources Mentioned

Cyber Security Ventures (Magazine)

WEF - World Economic Forum

Centre Of Army Leadership Podcast

The Grey Zone Podcast

CIDER - organisation overseeing risk balance cases for third-party assurance chain in the military

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