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Sleeping (with Stephen A Smith)
Episode 14316th March 2022 • The Critical Banter Podcast • Critical Banter
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Hot on the heels of last week’s cracker episode, we get another surprise this week as Kush makes his triumphant return. We reach around Kush finding out what he’s been up to, what movies he’s watched and how his PS5 is.

We then discuss Rohit’s curse as this man has a knack of asking unfortunate questions. If Ro asks how your significant other is going, you should run the other way.

“Compare and Contrast” is back this week. If you are new, this is where we debate and rank various things, this week with international borders opening up, we rank top tourist destinations. We take aim at some popular world class cities and Bali - we assume some Jimmies have been rustled.

We end this week with the always popular, “Dob in a Rare Unit.” This week finance bros at the gym and listening to ESPN hot takes to help you sleep amongst other white noise.

Also this week: Beard vs Mo, how good is Tokyo and Stephen A Smith.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the week’s news stories, events and viral trends.

Compare and Contrast: Named in honour of our favourite HSC English essay questions, the boys debate the most pressing issues in society and attempt to agree on a ranked tier list, which may end up in broken friendships and definitely will end up being wrong.

Dob in a Rare Unit: Are you a rare unit? Is your family full of rare units? Are your mates rare units? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse a rare unit? If so, write into us and let us know the rarest thing they’ve done.







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