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Hulm - Hulm Productions EPISODE 5, 18th February 2021
Episode Five - Where Is The Blacksmith??
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Episode Five - Where Is The Blacksmith??

Brant, Gilfen, and Maldis get to know each other, and Mey decides that complete strangers are the best people to open up to.



Creator fluff/Zoe Singleton - Twitter @questoflegend

Creator sinfuego/Uighur Abdulla - Twitter @sinfuego7

Editor Cole Burkhardt - Twitter @kingcole

Music Composer Michal Suchanek - Twitter @MichalSuchanek8


Meydinyƶr Marie Anello - Twitter: @MarieAnello

Brant Price Everett - Twitter: @PriceEverett, Instagram @peverett96

Maldis Beckett - Twitter: @beckettwashere

Gilfen Kyle Wallace - Twitter: @TheWallVA

Blacksmith Bryn Jackson-Farrer - www.castingcall.club/m/BrynJackson-Farrer

Blacksmith's Partner Elijah Sabourin