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African Elephants with Lynn Von Hagen
27th August 2021 • The Wild Life • The Wild Life
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In this episode, we talk about everything elephants with expert, Lynn Von Hagen! Intelligence, communication, trophy hunting, general biology, staggering stats, sonic superpowers, and so much more!

Lynn is a Conservation Biologist and Presidential Research Fellow at Auburn University conducting collaborative research in the Tsavo Ecosystem of Kenya. She studies African elephant behavior, movement, and the development of community-based coexistence strategies reducing elephant and human conflicts among MANY other varied research interests. 

Back when I spoke to her, she was stateside on account of COVID at her home in Nashville Tennesee where she lives with her husband and two cats but is now back in Kenya doing fieldwork. 

Lynn is a proud advocate for women and diversity in STEM and non-traditional students.

And is expecting to complete her dissertation in 2022!

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