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003 Joe Norton - Making Physical Therapy Personal & Purposeful
Episode 315th December 2021 • The Passionate Runner • Digital Authority Group, LLC
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Whitney welcomes physical therapist, Dr. Joe Norton. Joe has dedicated his life’s work to helping runners get out of the injury cycle and back to doing what they love. This episode hits particularly close to home for Whitney as she’s been battling running injuries for the past two years so she knows a bit about how confusing and frustrating these battles can be. Today, Whitney and Joe talk all things running injuries, from what you can do to avoid them to how to tell when you need to take time off. They discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy regiment in order to be a good injured runner. Finally, Dr. Joe highlights the differences between bone and soft tissue injuries and provides detailed information on timelines for return to run.

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Key Takeaways

00:42 – Whitney Hines introduces today’s guest, Dr. Joe Norton who joins the show to share why he pursued physical therapy and provides his thoughts on all things related to running injuries

07:29 – Identifying the source of a running injury

10:30 – The Disease of More and advice Dr. Joe would give to those recovering from running injuries

19:55 – Tightness, stretching and why rest is not always the best

26:11 – Best practices for being a good injured runner

28:42 – The importance of getting your injury looked at by a professional

31:54 – Proactive steps you can take to avoid the injury cycle

36:12 – Addressing running form

41:42 – The difference between bone and soft tissue injuries

45:23 – Timelines for return to run

48:33 – Patience, patience, patience

52:03 – Whitney thanks Joe for joining the show and lets listeners know where to follow him

Tweetable Quotes

“Most people want to get better. So, it’s finding those opportunities to make some changes. And the least amount of changes I can make to someone’s lifestyle or exercise habits is usually the best.” (11:46)

“The layups for being a good injured runner are: make sure you’re sleeping well, make sure you’re eating well and make sure you’re getting in some type of movement every day.” (26:29)

“The risk of any activity is that you’re likely to develop an injury sooner or later.” (32:24)

“Focus on the process, not the destination. I tell myself that every day I wake up and I write out my daily plan and I write that upon my planner. Because it’s so easy to get stuck in the, ‘I can’t do this.’” (51:22)

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