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Engage Video Marketing Podcast - Ben Amos EPISODE 204, 22nd June 2021
Designing Your First Video Course with Ben Amos

Designing Your First Video Course with Ben Amos

In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing we’re going to talk about monetising your expertise and knowledge through video courses.

In this episode we cover:

  • 3 Aspects to a Successful Video Course:
  • Audience
  • Who are you helping?
  • Understanding your audience needs and style
  • Content
  • Designing your content
  • The power of a framework
  • The Post-it Note Method
  • Methods for producing your video course 
  • Live webinar series
  • Voice over and slides
  • DIY video production
  • Professional video production
  • Learner engagement
  • Technology and platforms
  • The use of learning management system or a course hosting platforms
  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Monetisation
  • Beta testing
  • Promotion and launchin