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Interview with #VoiceFirst Influencer, Physician, Speaker, Author and Podcaster, Dr. Teri Fisher - Part 2
Episode 904th August 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“The convenience and service AI Voice will afford is part of the power of this system.”

Dr. Teri Fisher

AI Vocal Biomarkers 

“When you take a digital photograph, in addition to getting the image, there’s data that’s captured by the camera.” He compares the digital photograph information to the type of data you can get from hearing a voice. Besides the actual words, you can also clue in to mood, context, tone and other elements that give vocal information to the receiver. You can quantify this information and break down components in vocal sounds. 

“Putting these vocal samples into a computer, you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning with a computer to detect patterns in your voice.” Now the computer can detect emotion, changes in emotions and other “metadata” in someone’s voice. 

How Sound Impacted Teri at an Early Age

Growing up in a musical household, with Teri’s mother studying music to become a music therapist. His three brothers and he started taking music lessons at the age of three. Between the different instruments played, they had a built-in family string quartet in their home. At a very young age, Teri started using his personal computer to make music using MIDI interface. “I started to write pieces of simple music using computers and I can still remember those sounds, and it was amazing to me that I could write music and control the computer to play my music.”

Applications for AI Vocal Biomarkers

We may be able to predict a potential suicide, catching COVID-19, cognitive decline, mortality rate, and possibly physical diseases. To ensure you have accurate voice authentication you have to make sure the system is able to compensate for changes in a voice due to aging.

Personal Health Information and Data Privacy with AI Devices

Your cell phone most likely has the highest percentage of your personal information out of all online places we use daily. However, we are not willing to give up our phones out of necessity. “The convenience and service AI Voice will afford is part of the power of this system.” When we have virtual meetings with doctors online, we are losing our privacy but patients participate because this way of meeting is convenient.

Listen in to find out how you can get your business AI voice searchable on Amazon with Teri’s online course, how you can find flash briefings on Amazon and Dr. Fisher’s predictions about where Voice AI will take us in the future.

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