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How To Raise Money, Replace Limiting Beliefs And Close Mega Million Dollar Deals, with Brad Blazar
Episode 1228th January 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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At age 23, author, coach and entrepreneur Brad Blazar quit college and became the J. R. Ewing of the family. This was brought to an abrupt stop in the late '80s due to The Reform Act and collapsing oil prices, but it was not about to slow him down. 

Brad went on to find his true passion in life, raising money and helping people. He has raised billions of dollars in recent years for investment sponsors and those in real estate, in addition to closing the largest sales for multiple companies. Now Brad consults with companies needing access to capital and speaks on entrepreneurship after the success of his book.

“I tell entrepreneurs you don’t need to have all the answers and understand everything when you open the doors to your business, but you need to commit and take action and keep moving forward.” Brad Blazar

Listen today as Roland and Brad talk through his story and the lessons he has learned along the way. This is a fascinating episode and it will certainly help you to close more sales, raise capital and UP your game! To dig in further with Brad, check out his coaching website.

“It's not enough to identify limiting beliefs… Let's replace that with a positive one, and ask yourself, what do successful people do that I’m not doing? Beliefs are reinforced by habit.” Brad Blazar

Listen Today For
  • The hard questions that most salespeople don’t ask, that would help them close.
  • Why he decided to consolidate and dissolve his oil business, and if he would do it again.
  • His thoughts on getting a degree and how to get the most out of college.
  • How writing down your goals will 5X your earning.
  • What he would tell people who see market changes coming to their successful businesses.
  • His theory on Blamers, Dreamers, and Game-changers. Which one are you?
  • Why you need to lead with your value and not with what you do.
  • What to look out for if you want to hire someone else to raise money for you.
  • A strategy and script for calling prospectives over the phone.
  • The mindset that makes you more resilient to rejection, makes cold calling easier.
Five Steps To Raising Capital

Step 1 Buy a list of high net worth accredited investors (google it online). Target affluent zip codes, households with an income of 3-400 k, a home valued at 1.2 million and aged between 55 and 72 years old.

Step 2 Do a mail merge and invite them to a (free) nice dinner or event (listen for a sample script).

Step 3 At the event, be sure to dress professional but not over the top. When everyone is seated, introduce yourself and give a solid powerpoint presentation with an accompanying folder. In that folder, Brad recommends having third party articles surrounding what you’re doing, and a one-page fact sheet that highlights the opportunity. During the evening provide a time for networking and Q&A, and let them know that you’ll be following up in the next few days.

Step 4 For those that are interested, schedule one-on-one time, if possible at their office, otherwise at a country club or at their home. Make it as easy for them as possible.

• Bring a PPM, any financial projections, and extra copies for their friends and contacts.

• Let them know with absolute confidence that you are going to treat their money as if it’s your own (listen for more details).

• Tell them about your team and how you’re going to report.

• Offer to go WITH THEM to talk it over with their CPA or Attorney (and they may even end up wanting to invest too!)

“People of wealth have a sixth sense. They can tell when you’re not talking to them eyeball to eyeball. You have to walk in strong. People like to do business with people they perceive are just like them. If you don’t have the confidence there’s no chance in hell of closing that sale.” Brad Blazar

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