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The World is a Better Place When Women Lead with Belinda Clemmensen
Episode 917th April 2024 • I AM MY Passion Project • Lorna Nakell
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What are the ways that women are being held back from achieving their full potential as leaders in the workplace/in the world and how can we fix the broken system that created this inequity?

Belinda Clemmensen is the author of the book, Women, Leadership, and Saving the World: Why Everything Gets Better when Women Lead, and the founder and CEO of Women’s Leadership Intensive, an organization that inspires, empowers, supports, and equips women to lead the change the world needs. She received the gold Canada Award for Excellence in training and is a certified professional coach, training provider, and member of the International Coaching Federation. With over 25 years of leadership development experience she helps women leaders step into their potential and connect to a place of purpose where their unique strengths can serve to make organizations and communities better.

I asked Belinda to be a guest on this season of I Am My Passion Project because I admire the work she’s doing to make the world a better place for women. She is not only educating on the topic of gender inequality through valuable research and insights into these issues, but she is also doing the work to help train the next generation of women leaders.


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