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Chapter 105. Channelling your inner Zammo...
Episode 1059th May 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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We have had some rum old episode titles on TCD but I think this one - concocted during our ship-to-shore chat from "Cruise to the Edge" in the Caribbean - might take the cake.

Ant and I were remembering a TV show from my youth called Grange Hill and at one point there was a storyline involving heroin addiction.

Anyway the character involved ended up fronting a campaign against substance abuse, and the catchphrase was ‘just say no’ (in fact I think it ended up being a single??). So when I dropped that into conversation Ant immediately picked up on the fact that the character in Grange Hill was called Zammo and we were off…

TBH I don’t understand how these things tend to happen on TCD, but I think we should just embrace the fact that we both seem to be dwellers of the left field (even when there isn't a field for hundreds of miles...).

Love from the high seas... (they're low actually)

h x

P.S Aah Haaargh!

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