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Sonia Simone on The Creative Giant Show
24th May 2016 • Rainmaker.FM Elsewhere • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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This week on Elsewhere, Rainmaker FM host and Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone discussed marketing, careers, and digital business with Charlie Gilkey on The Creative Giant Show.

In this 53-minute episode Sonia and Charlie discuss:

  • Why Sonia believes that selling and marketing are skills you don t have to be born with, but can acquire
  • How your unique set of assets and constraints equip you with something valuable
  • Why Charlie and Sonia aren t fond of the word “entrepreneur”
  • What Charlie and Sonia believe are myths about entrepreneurship and side hustles
  • What drew Sonia to a career in marketing
  • What aspects of digital marketing are invisible and thus advantageous to those with certain barriers
  • What unanticipated challenge Sonia is currently facing

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