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Healing Trauma with Plant Medicine with Stephan Kerby
Episode 1051st August 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda talk with Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator Stephan Kerby about healing with plant medicine. We discuss how plant medicine can support healing trauma. We discuss birth trauma and how to identify birth trauma look like and move through this? We talk about how can plant medicine support the healing of the planet. We dive into how to discern finding the right ceremony space and the importance of finding a facilitator who is adequately trained and the questions to ask. We discuss working with different modalities like yoga, diet, breathing, somatic therapy and how these can help people heal and the importance of integration.

At a time in his life when he felt hopeless and consumed with depression, Kerby discovered his authentic self through the use of plant medicines.  Little could he have ever imagined that this “alternative” was the answer and the blessing that would save his life, his marriage and his family and how it would transform his future to where it is today. Kerby is a Certified TIPM (Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator), Reiki Master, Shamanic medicine facilitator, healer, spiritual/life coach, herbalist, forager, hypnotherapist. Kerby also runs the Unchurch Church which is a plant medicine church in the mid-west. His specialty is in working with people with trauma including birth trauma and past lives trauma through the use of spiritual guidance, mentorship or coaching along with the use of plant medicines. 

Kerby also runs Wounded Healers Outreach which is a mentorship/coaching program to help folks with heavy trauma especially dealing with PTSD, depression, and anger. Kerby is an integration coach and many other things, all utilized to not just serve medicine but to help maximize the benefits the participant receives from these medicines.

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