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How To Fire Your Agent
Episode 1015th June 2023 • Get Me Ready To Sell • Jeff Jones
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Let's face it, things just may not work out with you and your real estate agent. So what do you do when it's time to fire your realtor?

This episode of the podcast works for either sellers or buyers. So it's going to be used on both Get Me Ready To Sell and Get Me Ready To Buy, the podcast for sellers and the podcast for buyers. So let's dive into how to fire your real estate agent.

1:24 - Reason #1: Poor Communication

4:33 - Reason #2: You’re Just Incompatible

5:52 - Reason #3: They’re Unprofessional

8:42 - Reason #4: They’re Lazy

11:04 - Reason #5: Lack of Knowledge

12:53 - Reason #6: Undeveloped Negotiation Skills

14:32 - Reason #7: Being Unethical

16:05 - How To Fire Your Agent Correctly

How to break up correctly

  • Terms of the agreement
  • Talk to the agent
  • Talk to the broker
  • Talk to your lawyer
  • File a complaint with the local REALTOR board

I hope you never need what I presented to you in this episode, but if you do, you at least know why you might need to do it and how you may need to do it. Thanks for hanging with me today on the Get Me Ready to Sell Podcast and the Get Me Ready to Buy Podcast. If you're in my market, I would love to help you sell your home or buy a home, and that's in the MidSouth, the Memphis metro area, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

If you're not in my market, I have a network of agents across the nation and in some other countries, so if you're looking to sell or buy your home, reach out to me. You can find me on some links below. I would love to be able to help connect you with an agent in your area who you're not going to want to fire. Let me tell you that. And again, it's an agent who I would, as best I could, trust with my mother-in-law. Listen to some other episodes if you want to know why that's a deal.



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