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Focus On This To Double Your Revenue, Command Premium Prices, and Win The Customer, With Roland Frasier.
Episode 19024th August 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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What’s More Important To The Consumer in 2020 Than The Product Or The Price? 

“Customer experience is of ever-increasing importance as products become more the same.” Roland Frasier

As we’ve come to expect, Roland Frasier brings HIGH-value today if you’re trying to scale your business. Roland makes a case in this short episode for you to focus on Customer Experience as a top priority. This will not only strengthen your top line, but it will also do the right thing by your customers who are looking to spend in the most worthy places.

Listen in today if you want to,

1. Double your revenue.

2. Command premium prices.

3. Win the customer.

“The brand is the promise. And the customer experience is the delivery of the promise. 1 in 3 will leave a brand that they love, from one poor customer experience.” Roland Frasier

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Listen For,

• The study said by 2020, Customer Experience will be more important to the Consumer than product or price.

“86% of buyers are willing to pay 13 to 18% more for a great customer experience…Design a great customer experience, and you can boost your prices”. Roland Frasier

• A shining example of Customer Experience winning over the competition, despite the product not being as advanced.

• The impact of investing in Customer Experience (and what you can expect).

Get a 2X on your revenue without doing anything except making the experience better. That’s pretty significant.” Roland Frasier

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