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Episode 112 – Enjoying Deep Abundance
Episode 11224th July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“There's absolutely nothing particularly unique about me. I'm a child of God. So are you. I have divine gifts, so do you. I have a calling and mission in this life. So do you. Because one of those super bedrock principles super not able to be violated. Invite Level foundations stones of this existence is our freedom of choice. God created this circumstance for all kinds of you know reasons, but one of the fundamental rules is he doesn't show up and make us do things.” - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

What is abundance? - that's the key. Having enough is having enough. CS Lewis philosopher observed how we all seem to think that happiness is not in having a thing, but only in having more of it than the next person. And we look to measure our degree of satisfaction by whether or not we have more of something and somebody else will abundant is a state of the heart. Abundance is a state of love. Abundance is choosing to know that you have enough and seeking growth and that manifestation of wealth in the intangible things that matter in life.

Can we all have it? - we seem to have somehow adopted the idea that it's a zero-sum game when you know it's win-lose. My answer is YES. Absolutely, yes. Without hesitation, We can have an abundance of kindness, an abundance of Joy, and everything necessary. So yes, there's enough for us all to have it

How do I get it? - go inside. Check on your relationship. Take the temperature of your relationship with yourself. Do you love yourself? If that's a squirmy question, then go back to some of the episodes on self-love click here. Do you have a feeling of relationship and connection to your loved ones, your family those who care for you, you serve them without resentment? Do you have a deep respect and bond with your Creator, however you define that to be I call it God with do you have that deep connection and relationship? If your answer there is a big YES, you, my friend, have an abundance. Suppose you are hesitating to answer those questions and are still asking how to get it. So let's start with learning to love yourself, and manifesting it by how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself, whether or not you're kind to yourself all that good stuff. Self-learning. Start to accept, love, and understand yourself and others. Abundance is closer more than what you think. 

Key Takeaways 

“Learning to love and care for those in your immediate family and circle is key and to do it does so without resentment and push-back, and then having a deep and meaningful relationship with your Creator. you start with just those three things and work on them until they're easy, and plentiful, and deep.”

“So prosperity is a state of mind and heart and recognizing that you have enough and that you can create whatever you want because you're the architect of your own life.”

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