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Podcast Equipment pt. 1 - Microphones
Episode 323rd March 2021 • How to Start A Podcast [Step-by step 2023 update] • Captivate Audio Ltd
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In this episode, we’re getting started with podcast technology and building our first podcast ‘stack’. Why is podcast technology so daunting in the first place?! People get overwhelmed with options, there’s the doubt that comes with spending money, everyone has opinions on what the best kit is.

The takeaway is: you don’t have to spend tons of money getting the highest quality equipment available. In the beginning, you should focus on creating quality content, growing your listenership and making it sound as good as you can.

For more guidance and video demos of all the equipment we talk about here, head to page 13 of your Podcast Accelerator crib sheet for all the info and links you need!

What can you expect from this podcast?

I’m your host, Rachel, Content Executive at Captivate. It’s my job to help podcasters like you start, launch and grow your podcasts using free education and resources.

Over the course of this series, I’ll be joined from time to time by special guest Mark Asquith, CEO and co-creator of Captivate, who'll lend his expertise and advice. Over the next 8 episodes, we’ll be sharing the strategies, mindsets and steps to help you design, build, produce and run a successful, sustainable podcast with zero jargon or guesswork.

Find out just how easy it is to start your own podcast and follow along with us to set up a growth-ready show using the steps we’ll take together. Every episode will feature a podcast launch milestone to work towards so you can build your podcast with us at a pace that suits you.

Listen in and let’s launch a podcast!

How can you get the most out of this podcast? There’s a few ways. 

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded your free podcast launch crib sheet. All of the episodes in this podcast mirror the checklist so you can follow along and apply your own ideas as we go. By the end, you’ll have a full, detailed podcast planned out, recorded and ready for launch. 
  2. Enroll on our Podcast Launch Accelerator course at It’s completely free and includes over 5 hours of bitesize video tutorials, resources and recommendations to complement this podcast.
  3. Get involved in the Facebook community for live office hours every week. Remember, you're never alone in this process! Join the Podcast Launch Accelerator course to unlock access to our international community of beginner and pro podcasters, as well as live weekly office hours with the Captivate team. Get answers to your questions instantly, as well as vital peer support, feedback and advice from real podcasters like you.