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032 | How to write work emails that get results, with Kim Arnold
Episode 3229th April 2022 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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As an HR professional, you need to constantly communicate by email for a whole host of reasons, whether that’s to pass work along to a colleague, to get a senior stakeholder on board with an idea, to pass on crucial information to the entire workforce, to get people to take action, or perhaps even to confirm happy or sad news.

It can be tricky to figure out how to master the art of effective email communication on your own; with a high risk of your emails being left unread, sent to trash, ignored, or leaving the recipients bored and disinterested.

In this episode of HR Coffee Time communication expert and self-proclaimed ‘word nerd’ and ‘email geek’ Kim Arnold speaks to career coach Fay Wallis to share her tips and techniques to help. By the end of it, you’ll feel confident in knowing how to write work emails that get results.

Key Points From This Episode

[02:39] Introduction to Kim Arnold

[04:59] More information about Kim’s book 'Email Attraction'

[05:32] What are the ‘fateful eight’?

[05:47] The first fateful eight example – the info dump

[06:30] The second fateful eight example – the toddler in the sweet shop

[07:57] The third fateful eight example – the workout

[10:59] How to create your opening line when writing an email

[12:41] What are the three W’s?

[14:22] The three W’s – Who

[15:02] The three W’s – What 

[15:37] The three W’s – Why

[19:11] Ways to write an email effectively

[22:23] The ‘hamburger technique’ explained

[23:17] The first stage of the technique – your hook (H)

[24:07] The second stage of the technique – explanation (E)

[24:38] The third stage of the technique – call to action (C)

[27:17] How to follow up on an email

[30:21] Kim’s book recommendation – 'Can I Change Your Mind?' by Lindsay Camp

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