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Episode 123: Mike Mackay, Applying Transformational and Evidence Based Ideas
Episode 1235th August 2020 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guest: Mike Mackay, Basketball Canada's Women's High-Performance Manager

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Basketball Canada's Women's High-Performance Manager Mike MacKay joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss applying transformational and evidenced-based ideas.


MacKay, a long-time basketball coach, mentor, and educator, is Performance Manager of the women’s high-performance program for Basketball Canada. In his roe, MacKay is primarily responsible for the continued development of the women’s program’s high-performance athlete profile and the identification of standards against which Canada’s female athletes at the senior, development and youth levels can be measured.


Through his deep knowledge base and familiarity with Canada’s player pool, MacKay provides technical leadership to the women’s Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS) program. The native of Truro, N.S. will also be counted upon to assist and guide the continued development of Canada Basketball’s development and age-group women’s national team coaches.


Mike MacKay returns to the organization after a two-year absence. He previously served as Canada Basketball’s Manager of Coaching Education and Development. He was Manager Coach Education for Canada Basketball from 2004-2010. During this time he leads a team that developed CS4L and New NCCP.


MacKay has coaching experience at many levels including Junior High, High School, Club (mini - Juvenile), University, Provincial team, and National teams.


1:00 - Facts Without Support

3:00 - Trial and Error

5:00 - Transactional vs Transformational Coaching

7:30 - Transactional Coaching

10:30 - Improving Players with Transformational Coaching

13:00 - Check for Understanding

15:00 - Fast, Open Environment

17:00 - Stopping to Correct and Teach

19:30 - VHS

21:00 - Discovering Unstructered Practice Environment

24:00 - Freedom comes from Structure

27:00 - Breaking Down Inbounds

29:30 - Decision Making and Finding Solution

33:00 - Creative in Solving Problems in Practice

37:30 - Constraints for the Defense and Offense

41:00 - Guidance in the Learning process

45:00 - Green Eggs and Hams

48:00 - Who plus Y Equals Y plus How

51:30 - Layering and Loading Drills

54:30 - Starting Point

56:00 - Disruptive Side

58:00 - Start with Live

1:00:00 - Applying the Rule of Three

1:02:00 - Individual and Team Improvement

1:05:00 - Skill Equals Confidnce

1:06:30 - His Big Three

1:10:00 - Stimulate Thinking

1:12:00 - Conclusion

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