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Your Breakthrough Year and #Doclifer, Josh Davidsburg
Episode 12110th January 2020 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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Shouldn't you be making 2020 your breakthrough year in documentary filmmaking? We all know how difficult, sometimes frustrating, it can be getting our doc films made. And how trying it can be living our doc lives. No one knows this better than I. Which is why in this episode I have decided to challenge you (and I!) to make 2020 a breakthrough year in our doc lives.

And speaking of breakthroughs, for the first time on this programme, we host a full documentary discussion with a true blue #doclifer. Josh Davidsburg has been listening to us since the beginning. And in that span of time, he not only created his first documentary film, but that film, Queen of the Capital, is set to screen this month at the Slamdance Film Festival!


Topics Discussed

  • making 2020 our breakthrough year as documentary filmmakers
  • how Josh Davidsburg went from listener of the program to an award-winning documentary filmmaker
  • how Davidsburg leads his doclife by teaching at a university and making doc films during his time off
  • the importance of thinking about your film's audience from the outset
  • the importance of having a good understanding of Fair Use when using musical performances
  • how TDL helped Davidsburg with his doc film and doc life


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