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Claim Your Genius Zone
Episode 162nd January 2024 • The Soloist Life • Rochelle Moulton
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Today it’s just you and me for a special bonus episode on the cusp of a brand spanking new year. I ask you an important question: how would your life be different if you stopped working on things that drain you and directed that energy to your genius zone instead?

Get re-energized and re-inspired by your business for 2024:

The four “zones” of activities and why only one is worthy of your focus.

What makes your genius zone so powerful (and unique to you).

The surprising thing that happens in your business when you shift your work to your genius zone.

One way to identify your genius zone, understand its triggers and revamp your calendar so you’re excited to open it again (hint: it’s a 5-day challenge starting Monday January 8th, 2024).



The Soloist Women Mastermind (Apply January 2024) A structured eight-month mastermind with an intentionally small group of hand-picked women soloists grappling with—and solving—the same kinds of challenges. 

10 Ways To Grow Revenue As A Soloist (Without Working More Hours): most of us have been conditioned to work more when we want to grow revenue—but what if we just worked differently?

The Soloist Women community: a place to connect with like-minded women (and join a channel dedicated to your revenue level).

The Authority Code: How to Position, Monetize and Sell Your Expertise: equal parts bible, blueprint and bushido. How to think like, become—and remain—an authority.