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Positive Thinking saves lives
Episode 2315th September 2020 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Positive Thinking

As we Think so we lead

Research reveals that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy, displaying an upbeat attitude, or choosing to discover the positive that can come from a difficult situation. Positive thinking in no way minimizes the tragedy of difficult situations but can actually create real value in our lives during times of crisis.

Did you know:

·        Leaders who are Positive thinkers are more often linked to better outcomes.

·        Leaders who model how to experience positive thinking are intentional in enhancing positive emotions in themselves and in those they work with

·        A positive leader is interested in the success of the business as well as the development of the team.


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The title of this series in the Art of Leadership is called “As We Think so We Lead.” If you haven’t before, let me encourage you to consider thinking as a self-contained, autonomous activity.  There is and will always be a need for thinkers. Look for me at to discuss ways to advance your own growth as a thinker. As a certified coach I would love to serve as a coach on your journey.