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Creating The Ultimate Marketing Engine With John Jantsch: Episode 3
Episode 315th December 2021 • The Marketing Plan Podcast • Sherry Bonelli
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As a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, John Jantsch is probably one of the most well-known marketing experts. With his multiple best-selling books, including Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine and his new book, The Ultimate Marketing Machine, John’s marketing strategies and methodologies are standards that marketers use to promote their businesses, products and services.

In this episode of The Marketing Plan Podcast, you’ll learn how important it is to identify why your business is different than your competitors. (Pay attention, people – this is CRUCIAL!) You’ll discover how differentiation is the first key to raising your prices.

John also discusses why you should focus more on creating a successful customer. He even built a tool that allows you to take your customers from where they are today to where they want to be. He calls it “The Customer Success Track.” (You can get the complete Customer Success Track template on the companion site to his book, The Ultimate Marketing Machine.) John walks you through the steps of the Customer Success Track.

You’ll also learn how to find the right customers or clients for your company. (Hint: not every customer is the right customer…) John also shares why he thinks that buyer personas can be limiting. He will teach you new strategies on how to find your ideal customer.

John also breaks down the steps of his Marketing Hourglass – a modern twist on the classic “funnel.”

Getting referrals is key to any business. When a trusted person refers you, it breaks down all barriers. John has amazing tips on how to ask your clients or customers for referrals.

This is one of the most in-depth interviews you’ll find about some of the most successful marketing strategies you can use to grow your business and acquire more customers.

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