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Interdependence and Empowerment - Emi Kiyota (Ibasho)
Episode 2613th July 2021 • ACE - Aged Care Enrichment • SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd
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Today, we're talking to Emi Kiyota, an ageing design expert and self described Environmental Gerontologist.

She’s also the founder of Ibasho, a not-for-profit organisation that helps older adults create sustainable and socially integrated communities that places elders and their value at the heart of the organisation.

She’s helped build a few of these, including locations in Nepal, the Philippines and Northern Japan which we talk about in this episode.

Emi’s work is all about empowering older adults to continue contributing to society, and it was great to hear her explain the concepts of Ibasho and why interdependent communities are the future of care.

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