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Leadership Laid Bare - Graham Wilson EPISODE 2, 8th June 2020
Nurturing Leadership with Gayle Berry
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Nurturing Leadership with Gayle Berry

I’m really excited to welcome today’s guest leader, Gayle Berry

Leadership is really about making a positive impact on the world. You do that by being you, being collaborative and being impactful. Well, today’s guest absolutely lives up to all of that... and more!

A former project finance lawyer turned serial entrepreneur, business mentor and charity founder. They are a transformational leader and business mentor to thousands of women who have created their own businesses across the world.

Gayle regularly shares her wisdom on compassionate leadership, sustainable entrepreneurship and helps women create more impact and income through creating their love legacy.

Gayle is the founder of Blossom & Berry which is a global organisation teaching the power of love and connection for families. And has a network of over 1000 teachers across the world which has four international branches.

She has also established her own charitable project to give back to vulnerable mothers and babies in poverty.

Let's explore what Gayle has to say about leadership...

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