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To Succeed... Just Let Go - Willie Horton EPISODE 22, 3rd March 2021
Choosing to Create the Life You Want
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Choosing to Create the Life You Want

We constantly create and recreate our own lives - this is a fact of cognitive psychology, not some fanciful concept.

When we use our minds normally, we constantly recreate the same life - that's why we find it so difficult to change our lives or any aspect of them - that's a fact of cognitive psychology too.

To change, we need to make a choice: it's a binary choice between action or reaction, a binary choice between mindfulness and mindlessness.

Automatically - yes, psychology actually explains that our lives are daily created on autopilot - we are mindless. That's why mindfulness is not a "nice to have" but a necessity... assuming you want to live the life you'd dearly love.