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Episode 4410th February 2024 • Human Factors Minute • Human Factors Cast
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...and now for another Human Factors Minute! Did you know that the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has 24 technical groups that are concerned with the human factors aspects of specific application areas? One of those is the The EDUCATION TECHNICAL GROUP The EDUCATION TECHNICAL GROUP is concerned with the education and training of human factors and ergonomics specialists. This includes undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education needs, issues, techniques, curricula, and resources. In addition, the TG provides a forum to discuss and resolve issues involving professional registration and accreditation. ETG members are primarily interested in furthering the education of new human factors practitioners and exchanging this information either with other educators or with the potential educators who would be in need of such information &/or the application of human factors principles to the design of educational systems. To find out more about HFES and their technical groups, visit This has been another Human Factors Minute! Be sure to check out our main show at our official website: Support us on these platforms to get access to the entire Human Factors Minute library: Patreon: Buy us a coffee: Join us on Discord: Follow us: Human Factors Cast Merchandise Store: Follow us on Twitch: Follow us on YouTube: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Resources: Music by Kevin McLeod:

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