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#26 Angela Demaree, DVM - Live the Life of Your Dreams
Episode 2626th January 2020 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I talk with Angela DeMaree, DVM of PAWS Consulting. She retired as a MAJ in the US Army Reserves where she learned so much about leadership. In addition to her leadership experiences as a veterinarian and veteran, she holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine in biostatistics and epidemiology and is a Certified High Performance Coach. 

  • How her mom inspired her to overcome obstacles and was a source of inspiration 
  • How failures can inspire success, and how long it takes to be an overnight successes
  • Learning > Failure and how to frame working towards big goals
  • Her big core values: Bold Leadership, Innovation, Selfless Service, and Adventure
  • How she sees the veterinary profession as the most innovative and intellectual professions out there (biased of course)
  • What is PAWS Consulting
  • Her veterinary medicine story and journey from Equine Sports Medicine to working for AVMA in D.C. to finally working on the regulatory side in Indiana.
  • Why she doesn’t think the theme of young veterinarians don’t want to own is true
  • How sharing and collaboration can help solve some of the biggest issues in vet med
  • Aligning values with goals and dreams
  • Why she started her podcast
  • The three main concerns of veterinarians she heard were: work/life balance, career transitions, and personal finance
  • You are the only one that has to want the dreams and goals in your life, don’t make them about someone else’s vision
  • Be sure to listen to the end as she offers a free strategy session offer to all listeners






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