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The World of Meat Science with Dr Peter McGilchrist
Episode 3627th March 2024 • Behind the Beef • Angus Australia
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In the latest episode of Behind the Beef we were joined by our fantastic guest, Dr Peter McGilchrist, Associate Professor

in Meat Science - School of Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England.

Peter grew up on a cattle property in NSW and has a Bachelor of Rural science from the University of New England (UNE). Following university Peter travelled and also worked at Elders Killara feedlot for a year before moving to Perth WA to complete a PhD at Murdoch University on ‘Selection for muscling affects carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism in beef cattle’ with the Beef CRC. Peter then held a post doctorate research position at Murdoch University with Meat and Livestock Australia working on beef eating quality projects, MSA optimisation and the development of the MSA Index. Following this, he held the position of lecturer in Animal Production Science at Murdoch University and undertook research into factors along the supply chain which impact the eating quality of beef and lamb plus the measurement of carcass yield. In 2017, Peter joined the University of New England. Peter is passionate about the future of the red meat industry for the next generation.

In the chat with Pete, we covered various topics, including his beginnings in country NSW, how his career progressed to what is today, what is entailed in work that he undertakes in his role and the future of the beef industry. 

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