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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 13th October 2020
Path of Moxibustion • Felip Caudet • Qi169
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Path of Moxibustion • Felip Caudet • Qi169

My initial introduction to moxibustion was the classic Chinese mugwort cigar. I hated it. But only because my lungs are the weak link in my chain of being. The smoke was intolerable. 

Japanese rice grain moxa, that was a whole other universe. It’s not that less is more, it’s that the focused and directed aspects of Japanese moxibustion invite a completely different experience of heat and sensation. 

In this conversation with Felip Caudet we follow his path of discovery with moxibustion. 

Listen in to this discussion on mugwort, calling and surrender to the path that beckons.

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