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14. The Power of Joy and How to Find JOY in the Journey - Manifesting Through Your Childlike Essence with Fox and Soll
Episode 1422nd May 2023 • Mindspo • Rochelle Fox | Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation Teacher
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Have you ever considered joy as your secret weapon for success? In this episode, Mindspo co-founders Fox and Soll dive into the importance of joy, an emotion often overlooked, and how it impacts our life purpose and ability to manifest. They share their personal insights, revealing how adopting a playful approach to life can lead to greater alignment and fulfilment.

Tune into this conversation to discover practical strategies for infusing more joy into your everyday life. Learn how, by embracing joy, you become a vibrational match to the life you've always wanted, not just reaching your dreams but enjoying the journey too.

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