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Prayer 2021 - October 11 - Prayer of Agreement, Binding and Loosing pt 2
Episode 28211th October 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

 Jeremiah 42:2

“Jeremiah the prophet and said to him, “Please hear our petition and pray to the Lord your God for this entire remnant. For as you now see, though we were once many, now only a few are left.”

Prayer of Agreement, Binding and Loosing pt 2

We are learning how to pray IN the Power of God, instead of our own strength or in our desperation.  We are learning about the power of binding and loosing and how to amplify that power by praying in agreement with other believers. Amen!

Get into agreement with other believers and get into agreement with them on the Word of God.  ONLY the Word of God.  Take the promises contained in God’s Word and stand on them.  Use the Word of God as the foundation for every prayer you pray.  As I have said over and over again…if you have a problem…go to the Word and find even ONE place where God answered someone’s prayer with a problem like you have…and then stand on that Word…lift that Word back to God in prayer and ask Him to Bless you with the same answer….because He is not a respecter of persons.

When you do that – you are standing in Faith.  Hebrews 11:1 says the “Faith is the substance of the things you are hoping for.”   That word hoping does not mean “wishing.”  It means you are “waiting for the thing that is assured to come to pass.”

Agreement has its root word in what we would translate as “harmony.”  All elements coming together in harmony.  We discussed before about a symphony.  Individually, the instruments may sound nice…but when you get them all together in harmony…they make a distinctive sound that is impossible to make individually.  

When believers come together like that…something special happens.  If we can get a congregation to come together in agreement like that – something special happens.  The problem today is that most churches are only worried about themselves…and is a reflection that the members of the church only worry about themselves…therefore, there is NO POWER in that church….look at your church….when is the last time your congregation got together and prayed for someone’s healing – and the healing came while you were praying?  Hmmm?  That might be a symptom of underlying unbelief among the members…. Is  your pastor addressing this issue?  Hmmm….  If not, why not?  I know I’m stepping on sacred toes here…but this is an important issue.   Lack of power, lack of the Holy Spirit confirming the Word being preached may mean the Holy Spirit is not welcome in your church….think about that.

Anyway…back to the subject matter at  hand….amen!

When believers come together in agreement…powerful things can happen.  Look at the Book of Acts to see what happens when believers come together and pray…foundations of buildings shake!  Amen!

It is so important to get ourselves into agreement with other believers in order to get our prayers answered.  God honors the Power of Agreement.  Base your prayers on the Word of God and God will honor His Word..  

Let’s Pray!

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