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Ep #145 - The liminal space in motherhood with Jessie Harrold
Episode 14511th August 2020 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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It's the space in between.
It's the not who you used to be, and not quite who you will be yet.
It's the darkness and the opportunity.
And as my guest in this episode describes it: it's the liminal space in motherhood.

Jessie Harrold is a couch, doula and author. She has been working with women for more than a decade, supporting them through the rites of passage of womanhood - especially motherhood.

As she outlines in this interview, there is a sacred space for a woman when she becomes a mother that must be deeply respected and honoured - and if we don't hold that for her, she will feel lonely, unsure, and lost.

So how do we safely move through this time?
How can you honour your own uncertain moments in motherhood?
This is a beautiful insight into the rituals and support we all need in matrescence.

You can read more about Jessie's work here. And if you'd like to learn more about how to support women through matrescence, register here for the Mama Rising training coming up early September.